Overview of the 1 Day Kibale Birding Safari Uganda Tour/ 1 Day Uganda Birding Safari in Kibale National Park.

This 1 day Uganda birding safari to Kibale National Park gives you an opportunity to indulge in a spectacular birding within the tropical rainforest of kibale as well as a uniquely intriguing nature walk in Bigodi wetlands.

Kibale Forest National Park is found in the western region of Uganda in the district of kibale about 312km from Kampala. Dubbed the primate capital of the world, kibale forest national park comes with 13 species of primates which include chimpanzees that are believed to totaling to a population of 5000 individuals. Apart from chimpanzees, kibale has other 12 primate species which include L’hoest monkeys, black and white colobus monkeys, grey cheeked mangabeys and many more. Other animals you can encounter on your visit to kibale include forest elephants, buffaloes as well as lions and leopards. Kibale is also a birder’s haven as it comes with over 350 bird species which include the great blue turaco, green breasted pitta, the African Pitta.

This 1 day Uganda tour to Kibale Forest National Park Uganda  aims at giving you an exclusive insight into the birds of kibale as you exploring the forest with one sole aim which is to sight several of these 350 bird species that are found here.

Highlight of the 1 Day Kibale Birding Safari Uganda Tour/ 1 Day Uganda Birding Safari In Kibale National Park.

A morning Uganda birding watching safari in Kibale forest and a nature walk

Detailed itinerary of the 1 Day Kibale Birding Safari Uganda Tour/ 1 Day Uganda Birding Safari In Kibale National Park.

Wake up early in the morning and enjoy a nice cup of coffee then ready yourself for an early morning pick up by any of our guides from your hotel in Fort portal. Transfer to Kibale embark on a short Uganda wildlife tour to Kibale Forest National Park which is rally a short drive from fortportal town. Although this transfer to kibale is short, it comes with captivating road sightings as you get to see the lush green scenery that blankets Uganda’s land scape. In the far distance enjoy the view of the hills that surround fortportal town. Feel the gentle breeze blowing over your skin as well as the fresh air rushing through your nostrils to give you a perfect aroma of Uganda on this 1 day short Uganda wildlife safari in Uganda. this transfer to kibale has still got one trick up its sleeve, which is the magical African massage feeling you get as you drive a dumpy murram road to reach the park center.

Kick off your birding excursion

From here, get accompanied by a skilled birding guide on this short Uganda wildlife safaris and start off your jungle expedition as you search for some of the forest birds that are found within the forests of kibale. You will traverse many of the birding spots here on this Uganda bird watching safari in kibale forest. After about 3 hours of pure birding on this short Uganda wildlife safaris, return to the starting point and transfer to one of the lodges near the park for lunch and a brief relaxation period to gain your energy back.

In the afternoon transfer to the bigodi wetland to do a captivating nature walk that allows you an opportunity to engage in a relaxing while exploring the untamed nature here on this Uganda safari tour. During this nature walk you have a magnificent chance to see the great blue turaco as well as numerous other birds here in Kibale National Park. Don’t miss out on some of the monkey species that might come your way such as the vervet monkeys. The end of this activity bring this Uganda wildlife safari to an end. Kibale national park isn’t the only safari Uganda destination that’s famous for birding, you can definitely have a birding spectacle in various tour in Uganda destinations such as Semuliki National Park which is home to 441 bird species including the Congo biome endemic species like the Nkulengu rail , make your way to Rwenzori National Park and find over 217 bird species with  19 albertine rift endemics such as the Ruwenzori turaco and the rwenzori nightjar. Make your way to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and see several of the 350 bird species here with 23 albertine rift endemics.

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