Travel to The Pearl of Africa On This 3 Days Uganda Safari to Queen Elizabeth National Park

Have you thought making a Uganda safari? Well, if you have but you haven’t made up your mind on where exactly to go, sit back and relax as I take you to the pearl of Africa on this 3-days Uganda wildlife safari visit to Queen Elizabeth national park. This Tour Uganda safari  is aimed at giving you a unique opportunity to traverse this diverse eco -system with a rich bio diversity with a wide range of attractions which include 95 mammal species, like the rare tree climbing lions’ species, elephants, buffaloes, leopards, hippos, bush bucks, a wide range of antelope family, a variety of monkey species and chimpanzees, 600 bird species and many reptiles like the Nile crocodiles, snakes and lizards and a number of volcanic features like volcanic cones and crater lakes like lake Katwe and Kikorongo.

This 3-days safari in Uganda to Queen Elizabeth National Park will put you in a prime position to see several of the unique 600 bird species that call this tropical savannah home like chapin flycatcher, pink backed pelican, martial eagle, African broadbill, white winged warbler, African skimmer, papyrus gonolek and many more. A nature walk in Queen Elizabeth National Park presents you a spectacular chance to explore and experience this tropical wilderness as you get close to wonder around this magnificent park following well designed trails.

Safari highlights the 3-days Queen Elizabeth wildlife safari.

This 3 days Uganda wildlife safari begins with an exciting Uganda wildlife tour journey to queen Elizabeth via Kampala- Masaka- Mbarara- bushenyi road. This safari Uganda journey lasts for about 6-7 hours of pure road trip adventure as its filled with a lot of road sightings. Have an evening on this really blissful tour in Uganda safari to yourself as you get comfortable in this beautiful tropical paradise. Day 2 commences with a thrilling game drive followed an evening relaxed by highly entertaining boat cruise. The third gives you chance to indulge in a truly spectacular birding session as you venture out to find some of the 600 bird species that are official residents of this tropical savanna area then climax you trip with a return journey to Kampala via Kasese- Fort portal- Mityana.

Detailed itinerary the 3-days Queen Elizabeth wildlife safari.

Day 1 of the 3-day Queen Elizabeth National Park wildlife safari

The first day of the 3-days Queen Elizabeth National Park begins with an early morning pick up your Uganda accommodations hotel in Kampala / Entebbe embark on a mind-blowing safari to Uganda journey filled with a multitude of sights to see as well reinvigorating stop that will effortlessly make the entire journey seem amazingly short and interesting to undertake. The multitudes of various experiences on this Uganda safari journey begin with sight of the ever friendly warm hearted Ugandans who will take off a second to give you a genuine smile and wave on realizing a new visitor is passing by them, the ever friendly Ugandan kids will likely give you an emphatic welcome as they chant “bye muzungu” phrase. Then as you proceed on this safaris Uganda journey, you will meet the latitude 0o or what is commonly called the equator line in Kayabwe and while here you will be able to stand in 2 different halves of the world at the same time and place! You will be taken through the difference between water and wind movements in the 2 hemispheres of the world. After a learning encounter at the equator, you will have another stop in Mbarara for an African lunch at Igongo Culture Center. If you have room for a diversity in food cuisines, then try out a delicacy in that part of Uganda called “eshabwe” and I promise you this delicacy is “finger licking good!” Then enjoy the rest of the journey on this short Uganda safari as you view the rolling green blanketed table like fields of tea estates that you will surely meet in the district of Bushenyi, never forgetting the dramatic plunge of the cliff edge of the western arm of the great east African rift valley that gives you a natural sign board welcoming you to Queen Elizabeth National Park. The entire journey climaxes with your arrival at your already lodge where you will be received by the ever-friendly Ugandan staff at the lodge. You will have a free evening to relax as you acclimatize and enjoy the refreshingly soothing gentle breath of pure fresh air from the wilderness.

Day 2 of the 3-days Queen Elizabeth National Park wildlife

The second day is a fully packed day on this Uganda safari tour with activities aimed at enabling you traverse the various parts of this unique co system. Strap yourself into the safari van and ready yourself for an amazing encounter with wildlife of Queen Elizabeth National park as you embark on this amazing adventure to the savanna plains of these park. This game drive will be done in the Kasenyi sector while here watch out the king of the jungle-lions which you spot roaming the vast plains of queen Elizabeth looking for their nest prey for an early lunch meal, other wild mammals to look out for include largest land mammals on the planet the African bush elephants, the stubborn cape buffaloes also numerous here and not forgetting the numerous subspecies of the antelope group that roam freely all over the plains of this great tropical paradise.

The unbelievable boat ride over the kazinga channel

After the game drive return to the lodge and enjoy a nicely crafted breakfast with an array of numerous tropical fruits that are purely organic, this day keeps you hooked as you are in for another round of a short Uganda wildlife tour adventure which a beautiful boat ride over the tranquil waters of the kazinga channel. Begin this part of your wildlife safaris in Uganda with a procession to the mweya jetty for an incredible boat cruise over the waters of the Kazinga channel. This boat ride will give you an opportunity to interface with the most prominent dwellers of the Kazinga channel the hippos and the incredible Nile crocodiles which are all looking for their next meal but this shouldn’t get your blood boiling as you are safely protected by a network of metal rails that have been put on around the entire boat. In case you don’t do well with heights then take a lower deck seat on the side of the boat and you will still have unmatched views of all the action transpiring in the waters of the Kazinga.

The numerous bird species keep you fully entertained

Still on this cruise, don’t forget to look out for numerous water bird species such as the king fishers that roam over the skies of the Kazinga channel diving into the waters of this channel to make out their evening snack. The end of the boat cruise signals the end of what has been a busy day on your short Uganda wildlife tours and this is proceeded with your return to the lodge to refresh and wait for dinner to be served as you enjoy a camp fire outside or hang out in the super cozy lounge area as you chat with other lodgers about the highlights for your safari activities of the day.

Day 3 of a 3-day Queen Elizabeth National Park wildlife boat cruise and birding safari

Wake up an early in the morning for a truly magical Uganda birding safari experience, you will traverse various parts of Queen Elizabeth National Park like Kikorogo, Kazinga channel and Katunguru. While doing a birding safari Uganda in queen Elizabeth National Park you are in the right place to have an entertaining encounter with bird species like the chapin flycatcher, pink backed pelican, martial eagle, African broadbill, white winged warbler, African skimmer, papyrus gonolek and many more of the 600 bird species that call this savannah paradise their home. After about 4 hours of uninterrupted Uganda birding watching safari, you will return to the lodge where a heavy African breakfast is awaiting you.  Draw the curtains on this spectacular short Uganda safaris then embark on a return journey to Kampala or Entebbe using the Kasese- Fort portal- Mityana- Kampala highway where you will be dropped off to your hotel or Entebbe international airport for an outbound flight to your home country hence bringing an end to this memorable trip to Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Where else in Uganda to do get a truly magical Uganda wildlife experience?

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Did you know that Uganda is home to the elusive mountain gorillas?

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