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Trending Eco Friendly Safari Lunch Boxes in Tanzania – Tanzania safari News

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Trending Eco Friendly Safari Lunch Boxes in Tanzania – Tanzania safari News

Many travelers that have undertaken Africa safaris have found Tanzania a very interesting and rewarding travel destination. During several Tanzania wildlife safaris, tourists in some cases move with packed lunch on their Tanzania safaris. On departure for your Tanzania wildlife tour game drive, you find our lunch well arranged, neatly wrapped at your hotel of stay. More often, the food is very tasty, however, it’s not very healthy because it is full of plastic wrappings and plastic containers.

Use Eco Friendly Lunch Boxes on your safari in Tanzania – Do They Exist?

Yes, they do exist! I know may sound a lie but actually it is very true! To be honest we too were positively surprised about how well it was thought about and researched to make sure everything in there actually is Eco-friendly. The most important fact to note here is that, it absolutely has no plastics at all.

How does an Eco-Friendly lunch box look like & what is inside!

I know you must be wondering, what’s in the lunch boxes and how do they keep them plastic free? Well apart from the food, this is what you will find in there;

  • The entire lunch box and its contents is 100% plastic free and everything there once disposed off, will decompose within 6 months.
  • The Cutlery and food containers look like plastic but is made of PLA (Polylactic Acid). A decomposable and bioactive thermoplastic aliphatic polyester derived from renewable resources, such as corn starch, cassava roots, chips or starch, or sugarcane. So completely natural ingredients.
  • Wrappings are made out of decomposable paper.
  • The box itself is made out of paper carton.
  • The juice carton is made of normal paper carton without the normal plastic straw. They use a bio-degradable straw made out of vegetables. And the plastic straws? They are sent back to the factory where they buy the juice so at least it doesn’t go to waste. For all the non-plastic materials such as the cutlery and food containers made out of PLA, they are all imported from the UK as they are not available locally.

A popular detail about the Eco-friendly lunch boxes is that they freeze the juice during the night. That way, when put in the lunch box, it will work as a cooling element allowing guests to have fresh cool food and a cold drink for their lunch.

How much does the Eco-Friendly Lunch Box cost?

Considering all this, your mind thinks this lunch box is very expensive than the usual ones? Well, not really, take heart, it depends on what you compare it with. These lunch boxes are available at really low prices that are really affordable.

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