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1 08, 2018

Public views after the reduction of the Rwanda gorilla tracking permit

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Prior, Rwanda was charging $1,500 to tourists to spend one hour with a gorilla family during their Rwanda gorilla trekking safaris. In Uganda, a Uganda gorilla trekking safari permit costs $600, while in the Democratic Republic of Congo, a permit costs $400. A year after the Rwanda government doubled the permit fees to (Rwf1.3 million ($1500), from Rwf650,640 ($750) as it sought to package Rwanda as a high-end tourism destination, Rwanda tour operators say they have lost up to 60 per cent of their customers. Gorilla tracking is a unique experience, but this permit fee was too high for the clients. What is the discount? The discount means visitors will pay Rwf911,076 ($1,050) between November and May. But some operators cite other conditions, for instance, a tourist will have to spend at least three days in the country and also visit Rwanda’s national parks of Akagera and Nyungwe, as an [...]

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